Johann Georg Pisendel

Pisendel – Sonata in E Major for violin and continuo [3.50€]

Composed by Pisendel and containing annotations by Antonio Montanari.

Authenticated in 2005 as a piece by Pisendel, the Sonata in E major was written during his journey through Italy and is a perfect exponent of the personal and virtuoso compositional Pisendel’s style. It is very rarely performed, partly because of the relative novelty of the pisendelian paternity of the piece and in part by the difficulty of reading the manuscript, that contains lots of annotations and corrections. However these corrections add interest to the piece as recent studies suggest that were made by Antonio Montanari, making the composition a perfect example of musical experiences Pisendel in Italy.

Score (5 pages) , friendly performance edition and Preface (1 page) : 

Vivaldi – Sonata for Pisendel RV 25 [3.00€]

(Grave by Pisendel)

The Sonata RV 25 by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi is not only a work that demonstrates the originality and quality of one of the greatest composers of the Baroque, but is also a valuable evidence of the special bond that was created between the Venetian master and the young Pisendel. It was Vivaldi himself who copied and dedicated the sonata to Pisendel, in his own handwriting he titled: “Suonata à Solo fatto p[er] Ma[estr]: Pisendel Del Vivaldi” (Sonata made for the master Pisendel by Vivaldi). But Vivaldi did not complete the sonata and left room for Pisendel to add a movement of his own creation, Thereby, we find,  between the notes written by Vivaldi, a slow movement written in a different hand, that of Pisendel. The musical piece is a perfect example of the close relationship that was created between the two virtuosos.

Score (4 pages), performing friendly edition: